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10/10/20 ~ Achieving your goals

How do we stay motivated? I always find the best way is to choose something that you enjoy, or give yourself a realistic target to aim for.
If you are looking to lose weight, for example, remind yourself why you want to achieve that target and by when you would like to achieve your goal.
Make your goals ‘SMART’. That’s ‘Specific’ (know exactly what you want to achieve, rather than just saying 'I want to lose weight' - how much do you want to lose?), ‘Measurable’ (what will you measure your goal against? Could you do 10 bicep curls previously, but now you can do 11?) Next is ‘Achievable’ (make sure your goal is something that you believe you can achieve), 'Realistic' (be honest with yourself - if you want to run a half marathon but are just setting out on running then perhaps aim to master 5km first). Finally – ‘Time’ – give yourself a time period in which you would like to achieve your goal. Good luck!
Written by Zoe Myall

Blog. CovidBlog

14/9/20 ~ Adapting to change

It's certainly been a strange few months. Who would have thought what 2020 had in store for us all?
The main thing has been concentrating on looking after ourselves and keeping each other safe.
Here, at Wellness Lincs, we've been adapting the way we do things. As well as keeping to our high standards of health and safety, we have put in even more steps to ensure that our services comply with COVID prevention measures.
We adhere to social distancing at classes and during personal training; and throughout the lockdown we have been delivering a number of our classes via Zoom. We will continue to also offer these classes on Zoom for as long as there is demand for them.
Whatever happens, we will continue to follow Government guidelines and hope to keep being able to offer our services for both physical and mental well-being.
Written by Zoe Myall

Blog. motivation

17/8/20 ~ Motivation

Have you ever got back round to a Monday and thought I will start something new this week but something has got in the way? Well, often we hear the phrase 'Motivation Monday' generally because it's the start of the week, which seems like a logical time to start or restart again. The simple fact is we really don't need to wait until the next Monday and can make tiny changes from now. Just think if you get started today how much better you'll feel by next Monday!
Many people over lockdown have developed new habits which are both positive and negative so deciding which ones to keep and which ones to change is a good starting point for motivation. For instance you may have missed going to meet friends for a coffee and cake every week but instead you've started going for a walk everyday. This is a positive change but you can always adapt it and ask your friends to come along and join you on a walk once a week so you still get to see them as well. Win, win! Alternatively, you may have missed out on attending fitness classes over the lockdown period but now they are starting again you are worried about going back. We are always happy to speak with you about all of our sessions and we are keen to share the safety measures in place and anything else that you wish to discuss. You may even feel that this is the time for a larger overhaul of your fitness or lifestyle choices and you would like a little bit of direction from a personal trainer. We are here to help support, guide and motivate you so you can work towards achieving your goals.
Written by Holly Barrett

Blog. funday1

28/7/20 ~ Get on your bike!

Many of us have been dusting off our bikes and getting back in the saddle during the lockdown and the early summer months. The Government has now announced a £2billion kickstart to cycling and walking. The vision includes a pledge to provide thousands of miles of new protected bike lanes, cycle training for any child or adult, and the first ever zero-emission transport city as well as an initial release of £50 bike repair vouchers. The scheme is part of several new measures that PM Boris Johnson is promoting in his battle against obesity.
If you are longing to take the kids out on their bikes for family bike rides or even for them to become more independent such as cycling to school, then we can help with developing their cycling confidence. We offer 1:1 or small group Balanceability and beginner cycling sessions for children aged 3 years and above. Balanceability bikes and helmets are provided so let us provide you and your child with the skills necessary to be a confident lifelong cyclist.
Written by Holly Barrett

Blog. facemask

17/7/20 ~ Will wearing masks become the 'norm'?

We have become accustomed to seeing medical staff wearing masks and other PPE to help prevent the spread of infection, but this week it was announced by the UK government that masks would not only be mandatory on public transport but also in shops. Across the world we have seen growing evidence from the WHO that countries that have made it compulsory to wear face masks when in public have shown to be significantly more successful in flattening the curve and reducing the numbers of cases of COVID-19. But why is important to wear a mask?

  • Masks act as a barrier to help prevent respiratory droplets from traveling into the air and onto other people when coughing, sneezing, talking, or raises their voice.

  • COVID-19 spreads mainly among people who are in close contact with one another, so it is particularly important in settings where people are close to each other especially from those outside their household or bubble.

  • Not everyone shows symptoms of COVID-19 so you could inadvertently spread the infection if you don't wear a mask.

  • The virus can stay in the air for several hours and still infect people if breathed in.

  • Written by Holly Barrett

    Blog. Biscuits

    1/7/20 ~ Have you been snacking more during lockdown?

    Recent reports say that people have been eating more unhealthy snacks during lockdown. But on the other hand, more people have been sitting down as a family or household to enjoy their meals, rather than 'eating on the go, or in front of the TV.'
    If you feel you've been reaching for the biscuit tin a little more than usual during the past few months, we've put together some tips to help curb the snacking.

  • When you get that craving, think of something you could do instead. A couple of biscuits is not a problem, but if you find that turns into half a packet, ask yourself 'do you really need those extra servings?'

  • Sometimes we can confuse hunger with thirst so perhaps make yourself a nice, warming cup of tea or coffee instead (just go easy on the sugar!) A cup of regular black coffee without sugar contains just two calories, compared to around 57 calories in one custard cream!

  • If your cravings are spurred on by boredom, maybe go for a walk, have a little dance around the living room, do a hobby that you enjoy - or settle yourself down with a good book. With luck, you'll forget about your craving in no time.

  • Instead of having snacks like biscuits, chocolate or cakes in the house, stock up on some lovely fresh or dried fruit instead. Just remember to still go easy on the portions!

  • For more tips and help on curbing those cravings, get in touch with us here.
    Written by Zoe Myall

    7/5/20 ~ Taking micro-breaks

    Blog. deskstretch

    Nowadays, a huge aspect of our everyday life is sedentary work but it is important that we incorporate micro-breaks into our routine especially when working.

    But, what is a micro-break? Micro breaks can simply be described as short or small breaks away from the work and bringing a little movement to your body such as a stretch, a short walk to the coffee machine or just standing up and having a chat with a colleague for a few minutes.

    Frequent short breaks are better than longer fewer breaks so make sure you bring a mini-break into every hour of your working day. Micro breaks help with reducing stress levels, increasing productivity and reduce the strain on your eyes, body and mind.
    Written by Holly Barrett

    10/4/20 ~ Stay connected

    Blog. videocall

    COVID-19, or the coronavirus pandemic, is a challenge for everyone. Social distancing can at times make you feel lonely or disconnected from your friends and family. It can be a difficult time, especially if we are forced into self-isolation or have limited contact with people.

    By nature, humans are social beings and enjoy the company of others. Staying in touch can be tricky in our busy day to day lives but we should all try to make time to stay connected. Try speaking to your neighbours over the fence or dog walkers on your daily walk as you may be the only person that they see that day. Utilise the amazing technology that we have available to us such as making regular phone calls, video calling or even try an exercise class online.

    We are currently offering online fitness classes via Zoom and our clients have told us that it is a fantastic way to exercise, have a chat with friends old and new as well as keep a routine to their day. If you would like to try one of our online sessions, please contact us for further details.
    Written by Holly Barrett

    7/3/20 ~ Keeping healthy

    Blog. phonee

    With the constant headlines about coronavirus (COVID-19) and reminders to wash our hands regularly, how often do you clean your mobile phone?

    The repetitive swiping of the screen, along with texting and scrolling, and it's no wonder that our phones can begin to harbour germs. We've seen people take their phones off to the loo with them, then sit using them at the dinner table!
    A simple disinfectant wipe should do the job of keeping your phone clean and hopefully means less chance of it picking up germs.
    Written by Zoe Myall

    11/2/20 ~ Portion Sizes

    Blog. fish

    Portion size is often one of the areas that are forgotten about when you are trying to lose weight. The number of calories that you consume has a direct impact on the amount of weight you can lose. We have previously written about how the number of intake calories, compared to the number of calories burned up by exercising, will affect your weight.

    For example, a can of Coca Cola is 140 calories, which is the equivalent to 22 minutes of running; a tube of Pringles is 980 calories - the equivalent of 3 hours, 20 minutes walking or a pint of Guinness is 210 calories or the equivalent of 1 hour of yoga. According to a survey by the British Nutrition Foundation, many Britons do not know how much food constitutes a healthy portion. They are releasing a new guide called ‘Find Your Balance’ which is aimed at supporting people with estimating appropriate portions when cooking and serving food.
    Written by Holly Barrett

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